COVID-19 Chest CT Scan Analysis

Clinical Recommendations and Machine Learning Applications

In this image the CT slices are from Radiology Assistant. The ROC curves and upper model figure are from Mei et al. The middle model figure is from Li et al.

Diagnosis of COVID-19 with RT-PCR

Figure Source: Mayo Clinic
Figure Source: New England Journal of Medicine

The Role of Chest CT in COVID-19

Figure by Author. Additional references: Radiopedia, Radiology Assistant

COVID-19 Appearance on Chest CT

Machine Learning in COVID-19 Chest CTs


Paper #1

Table Summary of Li et al. paper. Image By Author
U-Net architecture, from Ronneberger et al. 2015
Model Architecture. From Li et al.
Model Results. From Li et al.
Grad-CAM visualizations from Li et al.

Paper #2

Table Summary of Huang et al study. Image by Author
Example of lung opacities segmented by the deep learning model in Huang et al.
Image by Author, summarizing results from Huang et al.

Paper #3

Table Summary of Mei et al. paper. Image by Author
Model Diagram, modified from a figure in Mei et al.
ROC curves from Mei et al.


I am a Duke computer science PhD candidate and medical student (MD/PhD). My PhD is focused on machine learning methods development for medical data.

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